Husqvarna TE450 Valve repair

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Husqvarna TE450 Valve repair Empty Husqvarna TE450 Valve repair

Post  Admin on Tue May 01, 2012 6:17 pm

So I have recently taken on the task of revalving a 2004 Husky Te 450. Not a terribly hard job or so I thought. Firstly the manual is written in like 4 languages and in some kind of weird order so it's almost impossible for anyone to make sense out of this manual. I personally found it darn close to being useless. So falling back on my skills as a mechanic I followed logic and began disassembling the engine. Wish I would have thought to remove the oil before removing the stater cover. First mistake oil went everywhere, shop floor, me the lift it was messy. Then I removed the gas tank. Followed by the valve cover. I removed the exhaust and the intake. I then removed the antifreeze and coolant hoses. Then using a 17 mm socket I aligned the timing marks on the cam shafts and upper cam chin sprocket. Little punched dots stamped on the cam gears. Then the rotor can either be removed or marked I marked the lower. Then I removed the cam chain tensioner. Then I removed the waterpump. I allowed the cam chain and sprocket to rest in the tunnel and removed the cam's taking note of the locations of the removed parts. I then removed the 4 headbolt nuts, followed by the 2 nuts one on the front and one on the rear of the cylinder, just beneath the head. Then the 3 small bolts on the left side of the engine. Now the cam chain must be slid off of the sprocket. Slide it towards the right side of the cam sprocket over the gear and lift the gear out. Just drop the cam chain into the engine its easy enough to retrieve later, but be carefully to remember not to rotate the engine. Next remove the small Allen bolt on the lower left front of the head. Here's where it gets fun. Lift the head up and stuff a wood block in between the head and the cylinder. Using a good pair of channel locks unscrew the studs from the block and slide them up and out of the head. Now the head can be removed without removing the engine. Replacing it was pretty much the reverse of removal with the exception of torque the headbolts down


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