Midrange dead spots and stumbling engine on honda 750 magna

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Midrange dead spots and stumbling engine on honda 750 magna

Post  Admin on Thu May 03, 2012 4:34 am

I have done this repair on magnas before. With mediocre results it seems that there is some inherent issues with the stock jetting on these bikes. I am thinking that this is a perfect example of underjetting to make Epa limits on emissions at the detriment of the running quality of the engine. Now it seems as if I need to enlarge the main jets and dial the air mixture screws open but I might also benefit from shimming the fuel needles open a little bit. I know that the idle jets are incredibly small as well but I am not sure how it will effect midrange throttle response if at all? I have seen Dynojets carbon jet kit and they require drilling the vacume slides, I am kind of baffled by this modification as it does not seem to serve any obvious purpose. I don't know if it speeds up or slows down the rate at which the vacume slides respond to throttle inputs.I guess I should experiment with this I can test theory by simply removing the slide pin and inducing an air leak into the vacume slide. Either way as I figures this all out I shall post my results.


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